2009 (U10) Boys

Assistant Coach

Ryan Bruce

Technical Director
Team Manager

Gord Stretch

Coach's Message

My philosophy in coaching soccer is that if I teach a player the right way of playing (versus play to win), that player will have a chance to go as far as possible with their game. (College, National teams, etc.)

For the 2018-2019 Outdoor and Indoor seasons our main objective if the development of the athlete in term of passing and controlling the ball with some defending training. We take the time to observe and coach individual players and see how and where they fit in the team.

The team rotate players in various positions including the goalkeeper.

All players get fair playing time. We are not focused on winning games but developing individual players. We follow the long term development plan set by Soccer Canada and play in a league where no stats are kept until U12.

We like to have fun while training and playing hard.

If you would like to join us for a practice please contact us at CoachDamigu@gmail.com

Go SWU 2009 Boys

Team Accomplishments

  • Bronze medal at Slurpee Cup (U9)
  • Silver medal at Caledonia Cup (U10)
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