2008 Boys (U13)


Matthew King

Assistant Coaches

Norbert Janas

Tomasz Janas

Technical Director
Team Manager

Coach's Message

Dedicated, quality players are always welcome to inquire with the coach regarding open spots on the roster.

It is a special privilege to be involved with the early development and growth of very young soccer players. The primary objective for the 2008 Boys team is to instill and foster a love and passion for the sport of soccer. A core aspect with this age group is introducing the fundamentals of team participation including sportsmanship, teamwork and positivity. Inherent in this is conducting oneself with class and respect in all interactions including with opposition team members, officials and parents.

Our training is rooted in the Canadian Soccer Association Long-Term Development model with an emphasis on early technical development. We will devote a good portion of our training time to ball mastery in order to build a solid foundation and level of comfort with the ball at one's feet. Basic physical literacy is also emphasized to ensure that we are contributing to overall athletic prowess (speed, agility, balance and coordination). 

Within a team framework our training will cover all basic soccer skills including, passing, shooting, dribbling, defending and positional awareness. Our coaches have played soccer for many decades and have participated in high level amateur provincial and national competitions. We have highly dedicated parents and team managers to ensure that our season will run smoothly and be a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.