2007 Girls (U12)

Paige Stark IMG_4081 med

Paige Stark

2007 Girls
Assistant Coach

Fergal Peters

Technical Director
Team Manager

Coach's Message

I believe that athletes need to find a passion for their sport before they can become successful at higher levels.  

Winning is a part of development but not our main focus at this age.  Our main objective is to help young athletes discover that hard work, focus, creativity, and perseverance can be fun and lead to successful outcomes.  

As a coach, I seek to create an environment where each child is given the opportunity and soccer building blocks to achieve their potential at whatever level they play in the future.  

In later years our focus will shift towards competition and winning but to be successful at the highest levels we need to do the right things for our athletes during these key developmental years. 

Team Accomplishments

  • Non competitive program